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Giacomo Mura


in Vienna

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All about my teaching

Origin and motivation

As a musician and part of the world of classical music, it is my number one duty to serve the diffusion, the well-being and the future of this heavenly art.
I am sure of the fact that for a healthy survival of any discipline two things are required: excellence of the performers and excellence of their audience. Through my teaching activity I am devoted to achieve the second, which is usually much neglected, but as important as the other.

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As many other activities, a good quality listening requires two features: theoric knowledge as well as practical application, the latter being in our case guided and disciplined listening experience.
In my method these two elements interact in the closest way possible: the information learnt needs to be touched and felt concretely in the music through listening, and the observations made during the listening practice will give the possibility of new questions and of new discoveries.

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The aim of my teaching is to shape the perfect classical music listener, attentive and aware while carried over and passionate; in short is the formation of the audience.
The most important feature we look forward to achieve is the capability of listening actively, and being the most possible away from that state of mind of passive acceptance which is typical of unexperienced listeners, and which leads directly to the loss of attention and distraction.

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Students and requisites

My teaching is addressed to adults or teenagers, with or without any previous knowledge about music; only interest and will to learn are required.
Even though the subject belongs to the highest culture, and deserves to be spoken about with serious dedication, I try to keep the meetings non-academic and informal, in order to be able to communicate to and with my students in the smoothest and creative way possible.

Even though my target audience is made of both adults and teenagers, I would not advise to mix the two groups, since they require and appreciate similar, but crucially different ways of communication and transimssion of ideas.