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Giacomo Mura


in Vienna

Music won't sound the same!


The aim of my teaching is to shape the perfect classical music listener, attentive and aware while carried over and passionate; in short is the formation of the audience.
The most important feature we look forward to achieve is the capability of listening actively, and being the most possible away from that state of mind of passive acceptance which is typical of unexperienced listeners, and which leads directly to the loss of attention and distraction.
The latter case may be compared to a person trying to follow someone talking in a language he knows little to nothing, while the former has learnt a lot of it and about it, and can listen with understanding and interest.

Being able to do so already implies having acquired a lot of knowledge about music and plenty of listening experience; as with the language, being able to follow and understand is all what is required from the listener and summarizes the complete musical experience. The difference, and this is the reason why musical knowledge has incommensurable value, is that while a speech simply communicates a message, following and understanding a piece of great music rewards with pleasure, enjoyment and a deeply enriching experience.

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