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Giacomo Mura


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About Me

Picture curriculum Giacomo MuraMy name is Giacomo Mura, I am a 30-years-old Italian classical violinist and music teacher.
During and after my graduation in conservatory in Como I attended for years the history of music courses held by the well-known professor Alberto Batisti (one of the most important Italian music historians), where I learnt to look at music as part of our culture, and experienced the communication of the joy and the wonder born by a greater understanding and immersion into it.
I have been working for more than three years in the diffusion of a good and solid knowledge of classical music without demanding any basic preparation from my audience, teaching its history and how to listen with greater awareness and enjoyment.

During the past few years I held events and lectures working along with the Italian embassy in Vienna, the "Società Dante Alighieri" in Vienna, “The Austral Group”, "The Global Exec", the University of Colorado, several Wiener Volkshochschülen, the associations "MUSEDU" and "Initiative WIr Sinnd".