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News and events

Music and censorship in the Soviet Union

Wednesday 15th November 2023 at 19:00 CET

Soviet Union

Between 1930 and 1940 Joseph Stalin tightened his grip on power within the newborn Soviet Union, making his position firmly in command of the gigantic Eurasian country/empire.

Depite being a pragmatic, not artistically-inclined leader, Stalin understood the importance of culture and of course music in the massified society he was in charge of.
The result was the ideological birth of the idea of “soviet” or “proletarian” music and consequently a stong control over the works composed within the Union.

How fared the greatest Soviet composers under this imperious censorship? What effects did this situation have on their music and their lives?
We are going to answer these questions during our journey through most troubled years of the XX century.

Everyone is invited! The participation fee is 20€/person. For bookings or info please write to
Music won't sound the same!

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Online courses on Udemy

Great news!
I published my first online courses on the platform Udemy and will create more in the future!
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Classical music appreciation: a practical example

In this free introductory course you will get a taste of how I deliver music appreciation teaching with an engaging example on a wonderful piece and general information on my courses.

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